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The Paths
The Four Paths of the Highguard’s Silver Hand

Those who wish to represent the Virtue of Respect would be the ones to truly appreciate Respect for all, even our greatest enemies. The paladins who exemplify Respect are the greatest chance for peace, but also usually have the most feared tactical and strategic minds. They can also act as Ambassadors to the other Chapters, or the Church, having a greater affinity for wanting to find a middle ground in every situation.

Those who wish to represent the Virtue of Tenacity are taught to be shield bearers, taking the brunt of attack on the front line. They excel in persevering in the face of immense odds.

Those who wish to represent the Virtue of Compassion would focus on the healing aspect of being a Paladin, charging headlong into battle alongside their brothers to ensure they all survive the fight. Paladins who exemplify Compassion are also revered for their wisdom, without which one cannot know when offering aid would do more harm than good.

Those who seek Truth above all, are the ones who wish to know every truth in every situation. They are cautious and do not rush into battle. Disciples of Truth excel at acquiring the vital information that allows their brothers and sisters to strike true at their enemies.